Pol Tarrés’ in action in section 3

Big news for Pol Tarrés. He is now ambassador for the basque brand Orbea. Orbea was founded in 1840, originally as a rifle and gun producer. 90 years later began designing and producing bikes. They are based in Mallabia, a little town in the Basque Country. Orbea bicycles has a huge range of bikes, from cycling to all mountain and have partnered with different teams in multiple disciplines because they have competition in their DNA.


Great partnership

This new partnership will allow Tarrés to create new projects with all the different bikes of the Orbea range, from cycling, to all mountain. Right now he is riding a brand new Orbea Occam AM M-LTD 19, in mint colour. And he also has an Orbea Orca for his road trainings.


the shooting - Montseny

Tarrés went with Ernest Adalid and Aitor Lamadrid to the mount Montseny to ride this shiny Occam. They rode some trails around there during the day while Aitor was capturing everything on the camera. The day before rained all day and this gave the perfect conditions of the trails, with a lot of grip. There was a mysterious atmosphere created by the shadows of the trees by the sun, and Aitor played really well with it giving us this beautiful shots.

I am really happy that Orbea has trusted me for this season. I know I came from trials world and they are not it that business but they understand that I can create really great content and I am an important piece for them. Despite this new partnership I will keep competing all the UCI Trials World Cups and UCI Trials World Championship this season, because competing at the highest level gives me motivation and it is what keeps me alive!!
— Pol Tarrés

All photos by Aitor Lamadrid


North Transylvania MTB Tour & Camp enduro


"North Transylvania MTB Tour & Camp enduro is an exclusive trip to the heart of the Carpathians designed for advanced bikers who want to experience an authentic enduro adventure while improving their technique with Pol Tarrés, professional trials rider, TOP 6 of the UCI Trials World Ranking and bronze medal in the European Championships

You could ride in the most remote areas of the Carpathians, Romania. We will visit three areas in the north of Transylvania where we have selected the best enduro routes, mixing bike park with natural tracks and some lifts.

In this occasion he will have Pol Tarrés, a professional trials rider, who will explain maneuvers and technical resources designed to have more control of the bike.

Are you coming with us?”



So if you want to spend one week riding and learning with Pol do not wait and book your spot in this amazing adventure through the Carpathians. Hurry up because there are only 11 spots.

You will have a 100€ discount if you say that you come from Pol!!

If you want to book your spot or more information you can visit this page or message us at contact@poltarres.com

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