This past weekend the first trial of the UCI Trials World Cup of 2018 was held in Vöcklabruck (Austria). It was the first international event of the season where the best riders in the world gave an awesome show. Pol Tarrés ( Scorpio-Vaude team ), did the fourth position, being his best result ever in a world cup.

Tarrés did not have to go through the qualifying phase since he is in the TOP10 of the world ranking, so he went straight to the semifinals. The semifinals are disputed by a total of 25 pilots, the best 15 of the qualifying phase plus the top 10 of the world ranking.



According to Tarrés, the sections of the semifinals were not very difficult although you had to be very concentrated to not make any mistakes, because it was very easy to make it and stay out of the final. Tarrés in the first round of the semifinal made 4 points.

The second round continued to show its level and made one point less. Finishing with a total of 7. Although very close, Tarrés went to the final in 5th position. The pass to the final was very disputed and finally Abel Mustieles, world champion of 2017, closed the classification with only 8 points.



The final was in the afternoon, with a very strong level of sections. Tarrés comments: “I entered the first section and I did not feel very well, in the warm up I did not have the same sensations as in the morning and I made mistake in a very easy move. The same happened to me in the second zone, which was one of the easy ones, everyone did it with 0 or 1 point. Still I did not give up and try to change my mind. “

And so it was, Tarrés was taking step by step all the areas without penalizing a single point. Unlike the first two zones, he looked much safer and loose riding the bike. At the end of the competition, Tarrés with 10 points tied with frenchman Gilles Coustellier (5 times world champion) and Abel Mustieles. Finally, 4th place for Tarrés, his best place in a world cup.

“It is a bittersweet competition as it is the best result I have ever achieved but I made a mistake that left me out of the podium. Even so, positive weekend in which we have learned a lot. In two weeks we have the European Championship in Switzerland and I feel stronger than ever, I hope to be in the final and give the maximum of me.” — POL TARRÉS


As in every international event, Tarrés makes a daily video of the competition in which it shows the aspects surrounding the competition, from the trip to how they prepare to compete. You can watch the videos on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/poltarresmartrat). This is the video of the first day.