Pol Tarres – Finals – Men Elite 26″
Pol was born in Barcelona, Catalonia. He lived 18 years in Cabrils, a little town near to Barcelona, in a little house near the mountains. Since he was young he always liked motorbikes, scooters, bikes and anything that has wheels. Thanks to his parents, he was introduced to all kind of sports like skiing, diving, skate, mountain biking, trials motorbike and a lot more. Nowadays he enjoys skiing in the french alps or surfing in Morocco with his friends.
At age of 9, Pol and his brother Miki started to take classes in a trial bike school in Vic. There, they started to learn and compete throughout all Spain. Pol did very well, and a few years later he was selected by the Catalan Cyclism Federation to start a High Performance Program in Ripoll, where he lived with 5 other trials athletes, they went to normal college but every afternoon they trained. This helped Pol to achieve a good level and winning his first Junior Spanish Championship in 2011, amongst other triumphs. Then he finished school he started a degree in Building Engineering at UPC, in Barcelona.
During the next 4 years, Pol combined the trials biking lifestyle with his studies. He has also been a teacher of “Escola Trial Òrrius” with his mate Sergi Llongeras, both teaching everything they know about trial bike.
In 2015 Pol bought his first camera, a Sony a6000 and since then he started filming short videos of his riding, of his trips with his friends. You can watch all his videos in his Youtube channel.
He has also shown love for taking photos in all his adventures, he always take the camera everywhere he goes. He is now one of the best trial riders in the world and he is know for his power even he is only 1,70m. He has been in the top 10 of the UCI Trials Ranking since late 2015.

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