After the good results in the first round of the World Cup in Austria two weeks ago, the Spanish trial team (14 athletes) went to the city of Moudon (Switzerland) to compete at the European Championship 2018.

On Friday at 3:00 pm the Elite semifinals began, where only the top 8 qualified would go to the final. Tarrés did not start ver good and made an error in section 3 and finished with a total of 7 points. The sections were very easy, it was not allowed to do a slightest mistake to make it to the finals. Tarrés was tenth in the first round so he was out of the final.

In the second round, Tarrés focused to the maximum and finished with only 3 points and a total of 10. He qualified in eighth position. Although not very happy he comments that the goal was to be in the final so he was satisfied.


The last Spanish medal in Elite 26 was obtained by Dani Comas in 2006. It may be a turning point and we can see both Tarrés and Llongueras on the podium more times this season.


On Saturday morning the whole team went to see the sections under the rain, they said that they were quite difficult compared to the rest competitions of the season. At 15:00 the 26 inch began, where Sergi Llongueras, Abel Mustieles and Pol Tarrés took part.

The start was individual and every 3 minutes, in reverse order of qualifying, so Tarrés was the first to start. The section 1 made of stones was very technical since the stones were very sharp and required a lot of precision. Tarrés started with a sensational 0. He could not finish the 2 and 3 section. The 2 for time and the 3 for a crash. At the section 4 Tarrés took full advantage and ended with only 1 penalty point. Section 5 penalized by time and could not finish either. Tarrés with 16 points in the first round was in the 4th position.

In the second round, Tarrés corrected some of the mistakes he made in the first round and finished with 13 points and a total of 29. Tarrés finished the first and was waiting for the other riders.

Up to 3 riders reached the last zone with podium options. But all of them failed and only the Frenchman Vincent Hermance (3 times world champion) could tie with Tarrés to 29 points but Tarrés took the medal because he had finished more sections than Hermance.

“I am very happy because it is the first time that I take the podium in the top category in an international competition. For me it is a very big reward for all the work of the season. It took me a lot to reach the level I had last season and now I think I’m a more complete driver, and above all I compete better. It is a dose of motivation to continue working more during the season.” — POL TARRÉS


Since last year, Tarrés, whenever he travel through international competitions, gives us a daily video in which we can see not only what they do with the bicycle but also their travels, as well as telling us about their experiences. We leave you with the video of day 1, you can see every day on Pol’s YouTube channel.