For the first time ever a Trials World Cup was held at the capital of Germany, Berlin. The fourth and final round was the last weekend ( 14 – 15 October ) at the Tempelhof airport, a very well known and iconic venue. The place really looked amazing, the organiser took care of every detail, the tape, the arrows and the decoration of the sections. As usually there was a water section that gives more spectation for the public and more pressure to the riders.

Tarrés started the first section with a spectacular 0 even though it was really long ( it has 11 gates ), and he could finished in time ( less than 2 minutes ). The next section he did a stupid mistake giving him the maximum points. He followed on in the first lap and ended with 17 points and 13 position. He commented that he was not happy with the mistakes of the sections 4 and 5 and that it would cost him the final.

Despite the first bad lap he faced the second really focused and he did not commit the mistakes of the first lap and he finished all the sections but one, finishing the second lap with 12 points. Finally, Tarrés did 29 points in total ending up at the 8th position. However he finished 7th in the overall of the UCI Trials World Cup 2018. 

“It’s not the result I was expecting because my goal was to be fighting at the finals but if we take a look back of the whole season it’s the best one so far. I did 4th place at the first round of the World Cup, bronze medal at the European Championships and silver medal at the nationals. Now we have 3 more weeks to prepare the last race of the 2018 season, the World Championships in Chengdu, China. Can’t wait to be there giving my best.” — POL TARRÉS