The International Extreme Sports Festival (FISE) is an annual competition representing different action sports such as skating, bmx, skateboard, mountain bike, wakeboard, scooter and parkour. The event takes place each year in the city of Montpellier, on the side of the river Lez. It was created in 1997 and ever since it has only grown every year. In 2019 edition it had more than 70 competitions and 2.000 athletes. With more than 600.000 people it is considered the 3rd biggest sports event in France, just behind “Le Tour de France” and the tennis tournament Roland Garros.


TRIALS had the opportunity to be tested in the FISE MONTPELLIER 2019. Trials is a very spectacular sport and with some changes in its format would be a great sport to be part of the next years FISE competitions. The test went really well, the riders showed their potential to the public and they responded, they were cheering up the riders all the time.


The trials “competition” was really different from what these riders are used to. There was no tape or gates in the trials area, so the riders could choose they line to impress the judges. The difficulty, the originality and the flow of the line were the points the judges were looking for to give the scores and choose the winner.

The organiser invited only 9 riders in the world and Pol was chosen to be part of this test show. There was 2 Spanish riders, 5 French and one British. All of them amongst the best and most charismatic trial riders in the world.

“I think trials is a sport that could fit perfectly in the FISE events. We are flying over the obsacles with our bikes and sometimes we crash too, and that means a good show for the spectators. We only need a great platform to become more popular and I think the FISE is the perfect scenario.” — POL TARRÉS