The 2019 Spanish Championships were held in the city of Cartagena, at the south-east of the country. The organiser build a brand new trials park from scratch. It was made of rocks, concrete and logs. The national Catalan Team travelled from Catalonia to Cartagena on Friday and they build the paddock as soon as they arrived. They trained in the warm up section afterwards, to check everything was good, the bike and the riders themselves.


The 26 inch Elite Finals category started at 16:30 with a cloudless sky and 34 degrees Celsius. Not the best conditions for the riders, however the same for everyone. Tarrés started pretty good, cleaning the first two sections. The third one he did was the log section, one of the most difficult one. He arrived to the last gate with 0 penalty, and then crashed trying to pass the last one, was a really shame because he did a great job. 12 points was the score Tarrés made the first lap. He had two more to go. The second one he did almost the same performance with 11 points. Same cleaned sections and one silly mistake less in the section two.

“I am very happy with my overall performance because the last week I had a small injury in my neck and I didn’t know if I would be able to compete 100% this weekend. Thanks to my physiotherapist Pau Muñoz I managed to get the silver medal behind Abel Mustieles (5 times World Champion) which is really great and it gives me extra motivation for the first World Cup of the season in two weeks. Also it was a shame that Sergi had a bad crash and wouldn’t be able to fight for the title he won last year. I hope he have a fast recovery.” — POL TARRÉS