The 2019 trials season ended after the UCI World Championships in China and its time to do other sports. I have been skiing since I was very young because my parents took us to the snow. My uncle had a small house in Sainte Léocadie, a small village next to Puigcerda, La Cerdanya, and we went there every weekend during the winter. Years later I exchanged my family for my friends for the ski trips. And, as always, I take the camera with me and we shoot some pictures and videos.

Last year we started a collaboration with the travel agency Estiber to make some content for them, so they could use it during the year and we went to Val Thorens (🇫🇷France). We had so much fun that we came back this year and this has been the 5th year that we go to the French Alps for a ski trip.

In this post you will see some pictures from the ski trip to Val Thorens and one day in Grandvalira ( 🇦🇩Andorra)


When we saw the snow forecast, we knew that I wouldn’t be like last year. Last year we had a lot of snow, a lot of powder and we skied until the chairlifts stopped. This year has been different, no powder and sunny every day. It was not what we wanted but we had more time to dance in the après ski 😌


We could say that the ski trip its kind of a tradition. In Catalonia, where we live, there is a national holiday the first week of December and we always save the date for the ski trip. 

It is true that we want to ski as much as we can and if its powder, thousand times better, but this trip its not only about skiing, its about having good times with friends, I know it sounds very typical but, in this case its true, and if you don’t believe it, come with us next year and you will see it!!