Land Rover Spain contacted me because they were preparing a campaign for the launch of the New Defender. A renewed version of the legendary Land Rover Defender but completely renewed. It has been produced for 67 continuous years and ended January 2016, and now we have the new version.

I was delighted since I have always had an appreciation for this brand and its cars.


The campaign would be as it follows: Land Rover Spain would hide one of the New Defender in Spain. Then we would reveal the coordinates through our social media channels and people would have to find it, take a picture with the car and uploaded it in Instagram or Facebook.

After the March 15th, the jury would choose the best picture and the winner would go to an adventure trip though Africa with the New Defender. What an awesome prize!! I couldn’t be more excited and started thinking an original way to explain all of these…


THE FIRST post was me explaining the whole challenge, so I thought it would be cool that while I was training, I received a letter with all the instructions of the challenge. We did a first shot with no cuts of a line, followed by a time-lapse with the envelope of the instructions arriving to me, and finally me explaining it to the camera.

THE SECOND post was for showing the exact coordinates of the New Defender. The video started with me introducing the coordinates in my TwoNav gps, taking my bike and leaving home going to the location of the car.


The next posts were different Instagram stories with what happened to me while I was going to the New Defender. Getting lost, going downhill, some pedalling, some nice views, sunset and even some night riding… Check them out in my Instagram profile highlight – NEW DEFENDER!! 

As always I love to take pictures of whatever I do, so here is a small gallery with some of the best ones, from when we were filming the videos and when I finished the challenge finding the New Defender.