A few years ago there are more and more people who do backcountry ski and a couple of seasons ago my friends bought all the equipment and began to practise it in the Pyrenees. I saw the routes they did and the places they went and I wanted to try it. It seemed like a very different way of doing sports than I was used to. With the bike you almost always have to follow trails, tracks or trails, however with backcountry ski, you can go wherever there is snow, the limit is up to you and the snow conditions.


This year I was able to do it for the first time and my expectations were met. Not only is it a new sport for me, but every day is a completely different experience. You can make easier lines or you can push your limits and go through the thinnest mountain channels.


Being a new sport for me, every day I went out was a day of new things where I constantly learn. From mountain things, to what is the best way to tie your skis to your backpack or put and remove skins.

As always, in everything I do I like to take my camera and take pictures, take pictures of the whole experience. Unlike skiing, in backcountry ski everything is slowly, there is more time to stop and take photos of the places you are or the things that happen.


I thought it would be more similar to normal skiing, but it is a completely different sport, the only similarities with normal skiing is that you wear skis and are surrounded by mountains and snow. The “mood” is completely different, the reward is not only the downhill, but the way to get to the top. You are in the middle of the mountain, in privileged places, that if it weren't for skis and skins it would be much more difficult to reach.

I think that backcountry ski allows you to connect with nature much easier than other sports since there are times when you don't have to think about the technique of the sport, you simply go up the mountain, feeling, watching and listening to everything.