2020 it was a special year for everyone and it couldn't be different for me. It was a year without competitions, and it was the first time since I started trials back in 2001 or 2002. So, after 18 straight years planing my life around trials competitions, last year was something new. I hang out with my friends at home, since it was not possible to travel for the pandemic. I can't say it was a bad summer, since we did a lot of things within our country and I tried to enjoy it to the last minute.


So, the first competition of this season was really strange, I couldn't feel anything but out. Also, my level was not at a good point but I though it wouldn't be so bad. Still, I put more hours and to the next competition, things started to feel better. It was the national Spanish cup so it was not a lot of pressure and it was great to get back the competition feeling.


2021 it was supposed to be a season with 4 World Cup rounds and the World Championship but they cancelled 3, and the World Champ was before the World Cup, so, it wouldn't be an international competition before the big one.

My idea was to be as fit as possible for the World Championships but still work on my e-bike, enduro, mtb and road bike projects. With that in mind I went to some national competitions and also to a C1 in Liffré (France). After one year stopped I needed as much as competitions possible to get the feeling back. 


The “pre-nationals” competitions went great to know where I was and where I needed to push in terms of techniques and trainings. Trials changed a bit and there were some new techniques I didn't know that were really useful in competitions, and it was time to learn them.


July 3rd


The venue was a natural spot, something we are not used lately because all the important competitions are man-build sections and we train for that. Still, it was the same for everyone. We had 2 laps to qualify for the finals and I did my job and earned a spot for the finals.


The finals went great, I did nice moves that were impossible for me early that year and I was happy. However, I also did some silly mistakes. Finally P3 behind a sensational Julen Saenz and a strong Marti Vayreda. You can never be mad when you made it to the podium and add another medal to the record book.

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1-5 September


After the nationals, we had an 8 week break, because during summer some of the World Cups that should be held were moved or cancelled. Honestly it was tough to train that many weeks without competitions, its always nice to check if you are on the right path. Still, I kept doing my best to maximise the training hours. 


This World Championship felt bittersweet; on one hand it was nice that it is was in Vic (45minutes from my place) because all my friend and family could be there but on the other hand we missed the travelling and being in another country with the Spanish team all together.


September 1st was the day we met the Spanish Team in Vic. There was time to check the sections and train a little bit. I felt great but I didn't know what to expect since I didn't compete in any international event with all the other athletes that were at the Worlds, so my plan was to do the best I could, enjoy the sections and put on a great show for everyone who came to see it. The sections of the semi-finals were the most difficult I can remember and you could tell by the points of the athletes.


Far from what I though, I was only 30 points away from being in the final. I think it was the first time in my life that I almost had the same level training and competing. Maybe it is for my mindset, to ride and have fun. I don't know, but it really works. P11 in the World Championships which could be better but I can't complain about it.

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WORLD CUP – Belfort (FRA)

17-19 September


The day after the World Champs I was packing to go to Madeira for a 4 day adventure. It was awesome and great for trials, it was a nice stop for my mind and my body. Came back from Madeira, packed everything again and I was already on the road headed to Belfort, France, for the first and only World Cup of the season.


The sections were super easy compared to the semifinals of the Worlds, and if you wanted to be in the finals you couldn't make ANY mistake. There was 3 indoor sections and 2 outdoor, which was cool because it was raining all day and the indoor sections were completely dry.


I started outside, at the wet sections, it was great, I had a perfect start with the maximum points (60), which is always great to boost the confidence and feeling inside the sections. I missed 10 points in the second section due to the time but so far so good. I was feeling great. Then I went inside and the things changed a bit, I did a couple of mistakes and I had to push to go back to competition, mentally. Which I did, and did a pretty good job but not enough to be in the finals. 

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To be honest, during all the year it was more of a mental issue than physical or because of my trials level. Even trials its one of the most technique and difficult sport, I feel the hardest part is the mental one. You can't try the sections and you don't know how slippery are the rocks, or if its easy to pedal in that ground, or a million things that can be different every time. But it's something every year I have struggled with.


So far, for the next year we only have 2022 UCI Trials World Championships which will be held in Abu Dhabi in November. Hopefully we will have more UCI Trials World Cups and international competitions that keep increasing the repercussion of the sport and keeps growing. Right now, a bit of off-season with some enduro, e-bike, ski and backcountry ski, can't wait for that too!