Pinarello was born from the passion of one man for racing. Giovanni Pinarello was recognized for winning the Maglia Nera* at the Giro d’Italia as a rider, but as a frame-builder, his name became associated with the Maglia Rosa and the Maillot Jaune, with the greatest champions of cycling. Pinarello has become the embodiment of success, leading the way while others follow, with some of the most memorable moments in cycling history occurring on a bike bearing his name.

Giovanni transformed the cycling world by taking a small shop in Treviso and pushing the limits, accomplishing what others believed was impossible. His goal was straightforward: to create the world’s finest bikes. Seven decades later, Fausto Pinarello continues his father’s legacy in the only way Pinarello knows how – by winning.

In Pinarello’s own words:


“It’s what sets us apart. We have won more than the others and we are proud of our victories, but Pinarello is about more than history. Pinarello is about the future.


That is what’s different in our DNA.


Our bikes are created to push the boundaries, to test the limits of our know-how. You know a Pinarello the second you see one because it looks quick even when it’s standing still. It has a style that’s hypnotic, lines that celebrate the beauty of speed. It’s a natural born winner, because we’re not interested in just taking part. We only come with victory in mind. For us, fast is everything.


End of discussion.”

Pol’s statement:


“I am beyond stocked to be joining @pinarello_official team from now on. You will see me in more gravel and road events. However, I will still ride mountainbikes. I am so honoured to join a brand with such a history and legacy, and having innovation in their DNA. We will do great things together!!”

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