I couldn’t think of a better way to have the first Pinarello Ambassador Meeting in the Maratona de les Dolomites and after to visit the Pinarello Factory, and that’s what we did. We met with the whole team: Lina, Puck, Anne, Julien, Szymon and I in Badia, Bolzano.


Before doing a short ride all together we had a small breakfast with all the Pinarello family and some fans of the brand. We even had a chance to meet Fausto Pinarello, son of Giovanni Pinarello, the founder of the brand, which is really cool that nowadays Pinarello is still a family business.

From left to right: Puck, Anne, Julien, Fausto, Pol, Szymon and Lina

What a crazy event!! More than 9.000 people riding together in the heart of Dolomites. It was crazy to see riders all the time, some of them passed me and I passed some too but you could see riders all the time. The scenery in every km of the race is astonishing, when I rode up I could enjoy and even take a couple of pictures because but on the downhills I went full gas and the only thing I could focus on was the road and the turns.


The roads are closed during the race which is one of the best things, you don’t have to worry for anything but riding, not a car passing you nor a car coming up the road, plus, you can go superfast on the donwhills using all the road, it was so much fun!!

I also have to admit it was the hardest race with more than 4.000 climbing metres, but I took it chill, had some gels and could manage to finish it 5h and 38minutes, which I am really happy about.

Its great how cycling can move this amount of people, people of all ages and levels and have a wonderful day of riding all together.

percorso lungo_B_2012


From the moment we entered the building of Pinarello, I knew I was about to embark on a journey into a world where craftsmanship and passion came together in perfect harmony. The excitement grew as we walked through the hallways, permeated with history and cycling tradition.

We had the opportunity to briefly speak with the designers, and it was a privilege to hear their stories of constant innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection in each of their works. Their eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as they shared their love for bicycles and unwavering commitment to quality. It was evident that every bicycle that left that place was the result of hard work, unparalleled dedication, and a profound respect for excellence.

The tour continued as we ventured into the painting and assembly areas, where we witnessed the meticulous and detailed process that brought these magnificent machines on wheels to life. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the multitude of manual processes involved.

Each bicycle was treated as a unique piece, meticulously prepared by different artisans who shaped them with their skilled hands.

It was a special moment when we witnessed the painting of the frames for the INEOS team. We also had the chance to see the customization of special paint jobs, such as the one that the Polish champion Michał Kwiatkowski will use in the Tour de France time trial.

The experience of visiting the Pinarello factory was much more than a simple tour. It was an encounter with the passion, dedication, and love for cycling. The Pinarello factory is not just a place of production, but also a sanctuary where cycling becomes art. It is a temple where the human spirit merges with engineering and beauty to create something truly exceptional.


Every time I hop on my bicycle, I will remember that day and pedal with pride, knowing that in my hands, I have a work of art created with love and excellence.


After this amazing experience we moved next to Vittorio Veneto to spend some riding time with the whole team, it was really awesome to hang out with them. We didn’t know each other before and these days together helped to know each other and feel more part of this team that has been created. 

It was an amazing region I’ve never been before in Italy, and its so beautiful its a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We were staying in a hotel that was in the middle of the famous climb Poggio and we had the most wonderful views. Needless to say the food was delicious ( as always in Italy, I really love italian food ).

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