With the collaboration of Vaude, Orbea and Five Ten we spent one week in the French and Swiss Alps. In France we stayed in Les Gets and we enjoyed one of the biggest BikeParks areas of all the world. It has 12 linked resorts and tracks for everyone, from downhill world cup to starter level. Even we weren’t interested in bikeparks, we used the lifts to go uphill and then get lost in the woods or pushing the bikes until we reached the top of the mountain we wanted to go. We were a team of 3. Alex, rider, Rai, photographer and filmmaker and me. Needless to say, the Orbea Rallon we had plus the clothes from Vaude and Five Ten made the whole experience much better.


We spent the second part of the trip in Zermatt. Zermatt is a popular town in Switzerland where just electric cars, ambulances and police cars are aloud. This small town is at 1620 meter of altitude, and you can feel a great mountain atmosphere. From Zermatt you can have an extraordinary view of the Matterhorn (German) or Cervino (Italian). We decided to go to Gornergrat by bike. There is a train but we preferred to go by ourselves so we could enjoy the way up with the incredible views of the world famous summits like Matterhorn or Mount Rosa. As you can see, all the pictures are really awesome, Rai did a really good job and the views were just unbelievable.