While I was living in Taiwan (September 2017 – February 2018) I had to do a 4 day trip to Hong Kong. In November 2017 I had to go to Chengdu, China for the UCI Trials World Championships and I needed a VISA to enter China. It was really difficult to get the VISA in Taiwan so I flew to Hong Kong. I have to say that it is the city that has impressed me the most so far. You can see it in the pictures that the even the smallest building in Europe would be a skyscraper. I had the opportunity to hike to “Lion’s Rock” and I could see the whole city from above. I also went to the touristic Victoria’s Peak but I have to admit I preferred the Lions Rock because it was more adventurous. Victoria’s Peak it’s very crowded and you can arrive there by bus or tram.

During those 4 days I enjoyed the city and its culture. You could see lots of contrast. From the Teslas, Aston Martins and Ferraris of the Central Business District to the people pulling trolleys loaded to the top. Also the chic boutiques of the expensive shopping malls to the traditional shops were you could find everything. I have to say that it surprised me a lot and I would love to come again sometime.