“Two years ago I went to Morocco for the first time. I went to participate in a solidarity raid just for students called UNIRAID. It's about 9 days in the desert of Morocco with cars over 25 years old. Each team must carry a minimum of 60kg of solidarity material to be distributed during the routes to the most needy towns.

During this impressive adventure I met a country that surprised me not only for its contrasts and landscapes, but also for the people and I promised myself that I would return, but with a bike. After the trial season 2018, in November, we were able to organize the whole trip with Eloi Palau. We chose the locations we wanted to see and three months later we were already in Morocco. And this are some of the best content we made”

Pol Tarrés

This was the route they did, stopping by the places they had planed. Tarrés and Palau did a few bike tracks during these days and then they met with the media team to shot some of this amazing pictures you can see.

marroc route

SOLO BICI magazine did a 6 page article of the whole African adventure.